Greetings from the North!

Inspired by giant doodle art coloring posters from the 1970’s, Alaska Coloring Posters (AKCP) are hand-drawn in Homer, Alaska and were created for both child and adult coloring fans. Most doodle art is generally composed of intricate seemingly random designs often composed of one single line. Many coloring posters for adults focus on fantasy images or giant digital tessellation (computer generated repetitive designs). Alaska Coloring Posters use doodle line art to create a sense of place. Each AKCP poster whimsically portrays life in Alaska providing a wealth of conversation topics for both adult and child interaction, enriching each experience - making it more memorable!

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Alaska Coloring Posters (AKCP) are hand-drawn in Homer, Alaska on 100#, 18” x 24” recycled paper and come complete with a starter set of 6 quality non-toxic colored pencils. Markers work great too and won’t bleed through the poster paper. See more about coloring preferences on the 'Coloring Tips' page.

Each poster set includes:
  • 1 18" x 24" coloring poster
  • 6 quality, non-toxic colored pencils
  • 1 carefully compiled student resource sheet with cool Alaska fun facts, seasonal wildlife webcam sites and more, designed to introduce you to life in a very special and very complex natural environment
  • 1 colorful, high gloss mailing tube

“Splash Zone” is the first in a series of Alaska-themed posters; it joyfully reflects the diversity of coastal living in great detail. If you have ever been to or dream of visiting Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula and the remarkable Kachemak Bay, you’ll enjoy the splendid caricature captured on your poster by popular doodle artist Joan Stempniak.

Joan has lived in Homer, Alaska for 30+ years and loves walking the beach between tides with her family, friends and favorite dogs. Joan also has a fascination with color. Whether it is handful of fresh colored pencils or a laundry line of colorful quilts -- Joan views the dynamics of color as an important and enchanting element of visual delight.

Combining her two loves she has designed a coloring set to entertain and educate anyone ages 7 to 87! A bonus sheet is included with coloring tips and techniques.

Coloring is a popular pastime around the world. Adults and children alike enjoy the stress-free and delightful satisfaction of coloring. In Alaska coloring is a great way to get through a snow-filled winter, a rainy day or even a long summer’s night when the sun just won’t set. Wherever you are, coloring is good company and good for you!

In addition to relaxation benefits, Alaska Coloring Posters go beyond the average coloring page or coloring book and provides an arena for children to develop sharing abilities, decision-making skills, and positive self-esteem from a sense of completion and creative expression. Coloring can be quite meditative, magically erasing the drama of the day. Coloring even helps break bad habits by keeping hands busy and the mind focused in a creative zone.

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